New: BETA FrameMarket the MarketPress theme and GridMarket the child theme style

Today we've got a new theme beta for you that we hope you enjoy. The theme is GridMarket and it's a child theme for our MarketPress plugin theme we've been working on called FrameMarket.

So, lets dive straight into the features of GridMarket:

- MarketPress ready to go - templates, custom functions... it's got them all
- WORKS just as well WITHOUT MARKETPRESS - yes that's right you don't only have to be using MarketPress to enjoy this theme.
- Unique MarketPress functions
- Comments on products - oh yes you read that right :slight_smile: - turn on a product by product basis and let the conversation begin!
- Sliding cart - we've taken the shopping cart and rethought it with a sliding cart
- Grid products - a true grid of products floating and aligning
- Prebuilt in sidebar functions
- Custom header, custom background, custom menus... all that WordPress 3.0 goodness you'd expect
- Multisite pick shop drop down - shows a list of shops you can jump to
- Reworked theme options - we listened to the feedback about our theme options. We heard things were too complicated and not working for users. So, we took it all back to the drawing board no scripts.. nothing to clash with other plugins.. just pure theme options easily laid into steps.
- Choose the type of header
- Advert code placing
- Google Analytics code placement
- Reworked theme customisation
- Google fonts
- Footer links - we hear you want to replace our footer links.. now you can easily
- Sidebar AND footer widgets areas - want lots of widget areas - sure thing this theme comes packed
- Dark or light version and 6 colour options built in
- Post formats - custom icons for every post format your heart will desire
- Detail styling - we have gone over every area of this theme making it truly a theme we hope you will love.
- Tons more... this theme is just jammed pack with features we really encourage anyone to try it out.


This will only work with MarketPress 2.0 beta

We took a different approach with our MarketPress theme and this time the child theme is the one with styling for you with the parent eventually having basic styling but during first beta it has none. We plan to have 2 more children coming very soon. This is also going to benefit those of you wanting to create child themes for MarketPress we hope as can even use these children as a template and the non styled parent FrameMarket.

So how does it work? Just like any child and parent theme you have both in wp-content/themes and you activate only the child 'GridMarket'.


Get the BETA here:

Get the MarketPress 2.0 BETA here: