New blog created by user not built

I just did a fresh install of WP 3.1.2 and followed the instructions to activate multisite. (Copied the .htaccess content, etc.)

I chose subdomain and my server's support team added wildcard DNS for my domain.

As the admin, I created a new user. (The intention was to create a default theme for use when users create a blog, using the "default theme" plugin.)

I then added a site for this user. No errors reported during this quick process.

I go to view the dashboard of this new blog, yet I receive a 404 error.

What am I missing?

  • DavidM
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    Hi Todd,

    Could you check to see if there's a physical folder where that sub-domain is pointing? I noticed the following showed up when I tried to visit, indicating there's an actual file 'defaultwebpage.cgi' residing in an actual folder there.


  • toddfarmer
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    Hi David -

    Do you think it could be something with the wildcard DNS and / or .htaccess file with the server?

    I don't see a folder called "cgi-sys" anywhere in the file manager of the server.

    Hmmm... Oh wait: I just saw something in Cpanel.

    The IP Address used for this domain was shared with other sites, and at least one MU install.

    I've changed the IP address of the domain, and confirmed that the wild card A Name is pointing to the new IP address.

    However, I've created a new mess! :wink:

    Now, simply going to results in the same /defaultwebpage.cgi issue.

    I've seen this before when I setup domain mapping with a previous MU install. It was a simple DNS or config setting issue. I can't remember it though....

  • toddfarmer
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    I noticed I brought up domain mapping.. For clarification: I did domain mapping in a previous MU installation, and experienced a similar issue, seeing these same pages.

    I am not doing domain mapping (yet) with this install. Just simple sub directories.

    Thanks again!

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