New blog creation double billed customer after plugin update

After updating the Pro Site plugin a new site was created on 1/13/2018 and the customer complained and showed screenshot that she was double billed. I then went to Stripe and sure enough 2 subscriptions were created for the same blog ID (1 minute appart).

  • James Morris

    Hello antKat,

    I hope you are well today. I'll be following up with you regarding your chat.

    I've taken a look at your Pro Sites log and I'm noticing something there that might hint at what happened here. Specifically...

    2018-01-13 12:06:01 pm	User modifying subscription via CC: Plan changed to (Using Essential Oils Pro Business: $249.99 for the first 3 month period, then $99.99 every 3 months) - cus_***********55B
    2018-01-13 12:05:55 pm	User creating new subscription via CC: Subscription created (Using Essential Oils Pro Business: $249.99 for the first 3 month period, then $99.99 every 3 months) - Customer ID: cus_***********55B

    As you can see here, these transaction notes occurred approximately 6 seconds apart. In the transaction log, prior to the oldest entry above, there's the standard transaction notes. After the User modifying subscription via CC line above, the transaction process is kicked off again and completes.

    This indicates strongly that the member was attempting the checkout process and clicked on the payment button more than once, thus double-billing them. Perhaps if there was a lag on the site and the member thought they had not clicked the button?

    In order to determine if this is the cause or not, could you tell me if this is the only member to have been double-billed? If that is the case, then it is likely that it was an end-user error as we've not been able to replicate this on our end.

    If there are more than one instance of members getting double-billed, could you please provide a list of site IDs that we can further inspect to determine what's going on here?

    Best regards,

    James Morris

  • antKat

    Hi James,
    Thank you for your quick response. Even if the user clicked twice and "modified" the account being created, there still should not have been 2 separate subscriptions created for the same blog; one should have cancelled and been replaced. This did not happen. I manually deleted the 1st, still active" subscription and refunded.

    This is the first time I am aware that this happened. However, I have found that when users try to update their credit cards in the past that a new subscription is created and the old one does not get cancelled. I am hoping that the new version is solving for this problem but it is too soon to tell. In any case there should not be 2 active subscriptions in Stripe for any one blog.

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