New blog owners are getting 2 passwords. (social theme)

My BP installation is not going that smoothly I had hoped.. :slight_smile:
Next problem.

I'm using the social theme.
And when a new user is making a new account AND blog. He can fill in his own password with his account details.

In the automatic email following this setup, the user is getting this information. (see below) The password is totally different than the one which is entered in the first place.
This emailed password is not working and incredibly confussing.

Is this a common issue?

Dear User,

Your new Management Platform blog has been successfully set up at:

You can log in to the administrator account with the following information:
Username: tester11
Password: $P$B3pY2Iqlwcm6b/S718Y5dACGu23y0
Login Here:

We hope you enjoy your new blog.

--The Team @ Management Platform


I can remove the password in the admin options panel.. but I'd like to see the correct password getting emailed to the user. Instead of no password.

Am I still making sense?