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When New Blog Template creates a new blog, the page/post owners are copies across from the template to the new blog.

This creates some issues and is not ideal in many cases, is it possible in some way to re-assign all the posts/pages to the new blog owner automatically when NBT is fired off?

The issues I have found, are as the template creator is normally teh network superuser, some plugins rely on the page owner name (e.g. gruinion contact) will reference the superuser, not blog owner, & also the super user name is visible to blog owners (creating weakler security)

  • aecnu

    Greetings ROIBOT

    Thank you for this great question and a significant item to bring up.

    Is it possible in some way to re-assign all the posts/pages to the new blog owner automatically when NBT is fired off?

    I was going to say not without creating a temporary user and creating posts with that user name and password.

    However, when I thought about it a bit more, the New Blog Template is supposed to be created on a sub site and not the main site.

    How the New Blog Template works is you first create a new site and customize it with all features you want automatically added to new sites created with this template.

    The site you’ve customized to use as a template is designed solely to be used as a template and not to be used a functioning site.

    DON’T use your main site as a tempate blog!


    In which the sub site should have assigned to it an admin that even if someone cracked the user name and password, all they could access at most is the blog template site itself.

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe

  • Fullworks

    You are right, in that it is a subsite that the template should be created from, not the main site, of course.

    The issue I have is that I created the subsite whilst logged in as the network superuser, rather than logging out and creating a new user plus site.

    Of course, I can always create a new user and reassign all pages /posts to the new users, that closes the minor security hole. And I will do that.

    So the template would have page owners of 'xyz'. When a user 'abc' creates a blog with NBT, it will have all the pages and posts owned by 'xyz'.

    This isn't very useful, whilst the user can go in an manually edit the posts / pages to change to user 'abc'. That is a manual process, which defeats the objective of NBT.

    Why would any one care that pages and post of user 'abc's new site are actually owned by 'xyz'?
    1. many template display the page / post owner and it would be the wrong person
    2. some plugins use the page owner to send e-mails to them, in which case the true owner 'abc' would not get the e-mails, but the wrong owner xyz would!

    Programatically I don't think it is difficult to re-assign pages / posts (wordpress does it when you delete a user) - don't you think this is a design issue or even a bug?

  • aecnu

    Greetings ROIBOT,

    Thank you for your additional feedback and input, it is certainly thought provoking and greatly appreciated.

    I believe the intended use was such that a new blog was created and gave the owner of the network to either put in additional instructions or perhaps a blurb to upgrade etc.

    I do not think for a moment it was thought that the new blog owner was going to keep the original posts etc. though other settings would be maintained and newbies would see samples of how posts etc. were made.

    In my experience the first the new blog owner does is delete all the current posts, comments if any, and blog links irrelevant of whom published them making this all a moot point. --> Two years old and being phased out to the newer which will also be undergoing a redesign due to so many changes in WordPress core and other core components it is easier to rebuild it then to update it all and re-initate some of the long forgotten tweaks.

    (Trying to cover all the bases and not targeting a specific niche has not been a good idea).

    However, with all that said I would have to contend that your idea of making the new posts etc. under the name of the new blog/site owner is indeed a really good one, hopefully optional so that messages intended to be from the blog/site administrator comes out looking that way as well.

    Therefore I will submit this idea to the lead developer @Vladislav as a feedback request rather then a confirmed bug but clearly this is a subjective issue but at the same time as I mentioned a great idea to implement if made optional and even better if per post etc.

    Though I cannot guarantee this will be implemented, I do give my personal +1 for this feature and will do what i can to hopefully make it a reality.

    Sending this ticket to feature requests and sending the applicable feature request message now putting this ticket in the hands of the coders.

    Alternatively, you could see if there's a developer available at wpmu jobs who could get onto it right this minute.

    Thank you for being a WPMU Dev Community Member!

    Cheers, Joe

  • Vladislav


    I hope the latest plugin release (v1.6.2, just released) isn't too late with a behavior modifying switch that will enable you to auto-transfer the posts ownership to a different user. In the latest release, you can enable this behavior by setting up a define in your wp-config.php. To transfer the ownership to registered user (site creation at registration time), you can use this line:

    define("NBT_REASSIGN_POST_AUTHORS_TO_USER", "current_user", true);

    If you'd rather transfer the posts to a specific, already existing user (e.g. with user ID 12), you can do it like this:

    define("NBT_REASSIGN_POST_AUTHORS_TO_USER", 12, true);

    There are also some new hooks in the plugin that will hopefully help you in further behavior customization.

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