New Blog Template & Batch Create

Hi! I’m using both the New Blog Template and the Batch Create plugins, and they both work very well independently. Can anyone foresee a way to use them together?

I’m setting up blogs for a school site – we’ll have about 1300 blogs using 5 different templates (staff, Middle School student, High School student, etc). I’d love to be able to batch create them based on a template, even if I had to run the batch a few times.

Any sage advice?



  • DavidM
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    Hi Sheldon,

    I just ran through a test using the two on a test multisite and they worked perfectly well together using the default template.

    Since Batch Create doesn’t provide a way to specify a template, I simply split the import up and used two different import files. I set one site as the default template for New Blog Templates and imported one file. I then set a different template and proceeded to import the other file.

    Both imports worked perfectly, generating sites based on the user info from the import file used by Batch Create and according to the default template specified by New Blog Templates.

    Given that, I’d say you could split up your 1300 blogs into 5 different files, then set a different default template upon importing each file.

    You may want to test this before-hand using smaller files, just to be sure the templates themselves will work fine, as some situations (ie. theme options, plugin settings) may require a bit of tweaking to get right.



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