New Blog Template Dynamic Links?

I am using the New Blog Template plugin to make it so when new users sign up, they get the same looking page as everyone else and they are able to go in and change backgound, images, and text as they want. There's the background and here is the actual question (I also posted this in wpmudev forum as well so I just copied it from there to here.

I am making the page so they stay out of the admin parts as much as possible so I need to create links to allow them to change the background, change the images and text on the page, etc. I thought I would be able to do this by doing a menu with links that take them directly to the page that handles that ( is what it looks like in my template) but is there a way to make it dynamic so it will change to the site it is currently on? The link on a new page shouldn't show "newkidtemplate" but should show the new site instead. Does that make sense and is there a way of doing this? I'm not using subdomains but subdirectories for my multisite. Any ideas if there are any ways of doing this? Thanks