New Blog Template only working in Back End

Greetings all, just purchased New Blog Template for use on a WP 3.2.1 multi-user setup and am thrilled about it potential. But I'm having a front end issue.

1.Install went fine.

2. I can add new blog sites in the back end, it asks for the template fomr the pulldown (I only have one set up) and it creates the new blog with all the settings perfectly.

3. But when I try to create a new blog from the front end, it defaults to the standard Twenty Ten theme with none of the changes I added (widgets, menu, header, posts, etc.) as if I didn't evenhave the NBT plugin installed.

No error message or anything, it just doesn't pick up the template I assigned as the default. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


  • Philip John
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    First off, can you just confirm the following for me;
    - that you have the latest version of WordPress (3.2.1) and NBT (1.2.6)
    - that you have selected a default template
    - that the template site is working as you'd expect new sites to appear
    - is the default template a sub-site, or the main site in your network?
    - if you have any other plugins installed and if so whether disabling them all fixes the issue

    That'll help me to narrow down where the problem lies.


  • jppaul
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    Greetings, and thanks for the quick responses. Love the product by the way. Such a useful tool, I can't believe it's not part of WP core. Good for you guys, so I promise not to say anything!!

    To summarize:
    WordPress 3.2.1 mu working fine
    NBT 1.2.6 (downloaded late last week.)

    I have one template and it is marked default. It works brilliantly in the back end, so even if I can't get the front end to work, I'll knock off front end registration for now and force feed the new blogs from the back. But once we go live in October I'd like to have the front end running so that people can set up their own blogs..

    The default template is your basic Twenty Ten, I added a menu and a default header, positioned a few stock widgets in the right column and slightly modified the first post. Nothing unusual there.

    The entire blog section is a sub-folder off the main site. Since it is a new Wordpress install, I haven't added any other widgets , plugins or templates. That said, it is a development server with two Joomla installs, a Drupal install, a Moodle install and other stuff. I have had conflicts before between some things that required SEO/SEF on and others that needed it off, so it's quite possible that it's not finding something correctly.

    But like I said, it finds the default perfectly in the back end.

    One other quick question. Is there a way to have the Admin tool bar menu set to OFF on default for the front end? Our site has a fixed top menu and the Word Press admin menu sits right on top of it. (I know this is a WP issue, not NBT, but I just thought I'd ask in case I missed something simple.)


  • Philip John
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    I have one template and it is marked default

    So to clarify, because it's not that clear from your response, this template is a sub-site of the network, yes?

    The entire blog section is a sub-folder off the main site.

    Sorry, can you clarify what this means? Do you have WordPress installed in a sub-directory rather than in the root?


  • jppaul
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    Thanks wecreateyou. That unfortunately won't work for me because the site is not a Wordpress site. It's a Joomla site, and WordPress works through a wrapper. The blogs are just another form of stimulating discussion and info, not the focus of the site (designed for a small school intranet.)

    I'm not worried about it. It word have been nice if it, but I'll just leave the new blog registration off in the front end and let the office staff set up the blogs when required through the admin back end. A little more work for them, but probably safer in the long run anyway. Besides, with NBT, it's a few clicks and the new blog is up and functional for it's owner to then log in and make any other changes required.

    Thanks for the help.

  • DavidM
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    Hi JP,

    That's a pretty complex setup, made more complicated with Multisite figured in the picture. It sounds like the real issue revolves around the Multisite install being in a sub-folder though, and that the plugin might actually work otherwise.


  • jppaul
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    Yes, messy it is, but school intranets need to tie many apps together into one-stop portals with single-sign-on. There's really no way I can move the MU to the front end, but when I have some more time I'll try a few other configs on a test server.

    For the most part it works, and like I said, in the long run it's probably much better that the teachers and student DON'T register their own WP blogs form the front. I'm fine with that.

    Thanks for your help and the product.


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