New Blog Template with Multi-DB Problem

I started a thread under Multi-DB a couple of days ago in regards to New Blog Template not working after installing the multi-DB setup. I should have tagged this as well. I haven't got this resolved and need additional help. I assume that it is possible that the multi-db was installed incorrectly. Barry did find a couple corrections to the db-config.php that have been made - but I still have the problem. However, perhaps there is a conflict//issue with New Blog Templates within a multi-db structure. I need to cross off all possible contributors. Note that prior to the multi-db, the new blog template was working very well. In addition to the theme, menus, categories, we have a group of plugins that require database tables. The advance table section of the New Blog Template had the required plugin tables listed - after the Multi-db there are no plugin tables showing in the advanced section. The thread with more details is at: