New blog templates and Formidable Pro

I've been going back and forth with Stephanie (Formidable Pro Developer) about the having her plugin copy over with it's settings, form, displays etc. when sites are created using New Blog Template plugin.

She's be kind enough to look into whether or not it's possible with New Blog Templates and she's pointed me in this direction.

Guess this would have been a better question for them after all. It looks like when you go back to edit you template, additional database tables show up. You need to check the boxes for wp_frm_forms, wp_frm_fields, and wp_frm_display. If you want to copy the entries over, check the boxes for wp_frm_items and wp_frm_item_metas.

Also, make this change, and maybe ask them to make it as well? In blogtemplates.php (the smaller file, not the big one) change line 40 from:
$and .= " AND option_name != 'rg_forms_version'";

$and .= " AND option_name not in ('rg_forms_version','frm_db_version','frmpro_db_version')";


I'm posting this in hopes that maybe together we can make Formidable Pro fully compatible to copy over all forms, custom displays, settings etc...

Any thoughts? and thanks again as always!