New Blog Templates and "Misc Site Actions" Bug

ok. ran into this strange bug i think with New Blog Templates plugin.

i set up a default blog using 2010 Weaver. 2010 weaver allows major customizations by the user, so i customized a nice looking default template and called it “Demo Template”. after user signs up, they get this template, but can make further customizations themself and make it look totally different if they want.

other week i was trying to manually edit a site to increase its upload space quota. go to edit sites, scroll down to “Misc Site Actions”. unfortunately, the quota option is grouped into the same box as the Template option.

i am guessing New Blog Templates plugin put the template option there?

now, when i modify the quota, i can also select “Demo Template” or “None” from the Template dropdown box, then click “Update Options”, the quota is updated, BUT that site loses all of its template customizations. If you select “none” the default 2010 Weaver theme (zero customizations) shows, if you select “Demo Template” the demo template shows but with none of the user’s customizations.

i realize this may be a 2010 weaver theme problem, but wouldn’t it make more sense to not have 2 options combined into 1 box and linked to 1 “Update Options” button??