New Blog Templates and Pro Sites

Can the Plug in New Blog Templates work with Pro Sites so that a site paid for through pro sites can inherit a default template (content) through New Blog Templates?

  • Fullworks

    Hi, can I extend to this thread and ask a further question, please.

    What I am trying to do is I have two themes
    no 1. is free
    no 2. is pro-sites level 1 (paid for/premium)

    I have set up template sites attached to these two themes

    When testing and I select the no 2. (paid for) it creates the account using the paid/premium theme and allows the user to use it without demanding payment.

    I realise, this just might just be the way it works, i.e. templates come first before pro-sites and pro-sites doesn't ask retrospectively.

    But is there a way of making this work (i.e. forcing 'pay to blog' only on the paid template), or is there an alternative approach to achieve the same goal?


    --- update ----

    I just experimented with free trial and expiring that, and it still lets you continue with the 'premium' theme after expiry date (as long as you don't switch to a free theme, as then you can't switch back)

    Is that right? Have I mucked something up, I would have thought when a free trial expires things get taken away?

  • edward_ross


    I am a complete novice with MPMU Dev but here is a possible solution: Set up your paid for blog with plugins that are not available unless they upgrade to pro-sites. In other words look for other functions to add outside of the templated features that would require your users to upgrade to a paid site in order to use them. So whatever is provided in templates is a free path to a paid site. Hope that helps in some way.

  • Fullworks

    If I understand you right, that doesn't really give me a one step process. They would have to sign-up for free and then as a subsequent step install a plugin (that they have to pay for). So for instance I could 'disable' some theme features (e.g. a slider) and put them in a premium plugin to re-enable the slider. Is that what you mean, a two step process?

    I thought about simply having the free theme and then them selecting the paid for theme, but it sort of defeats the power of templated blogs, and adds an unnecessary step.

    Simply put, I want to give them a ready made sites, all plugins configured and ready to go if they decide to pay at the very start (templated) in one simple process, so it is easy to set up for the user.

    I will have a play around with your premium plugin concept, see if I can make it work

    But it does seem to me to be a fundamental issue with templated blogs and pro-sites not working logically together as the 'template' can 'give away' premium features.

    Unless I have misunderstood or broken something.

  • edward_ross


    My thought and from what I understand of how it works is that the Blog Template works during the registration process and the Pro Sites "Paid for Site" works once the user is registered. You can create a registration form which gives them the option to register for free site or register for premium site. If they register for Premium site you send them a auto responder which gives them a chance to click to pay for Pro Sites. They may have to click and go to pro sites sign up but this may be the smoothest way to do this. Even when they register for the free site you can always send an auto-responder which encourages them to upgrade to the premium site.



  • Fullworks

    I thought the free trial would work, which it does to some extent, as for the premium site when the trial expires it demands payment.

    BUT, it doesn't work for the totally free theme, as free trail suppresses the free option, so when it expires, you get asked for payment, for the free theme, what is worse is that the option to downgrade to free is suppressed by free trail.

    Basically, it doesn't seem to work the way I would like it too.

    Maybe back to the drawing board or some custom coding required.

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