New Blog Templates is not installing the membership tables on new sites

Using newest version of both new blog templates and membership. New blog template v1.8 and Membership v3.4.4.1. Looking at logs though, this has been an issue for over a month for us. We try and keep most plugins up-to-date so this could be related to the most recent version (v1.8) released end of june, or possibly prior. Upon research, it was found that this issue existed about 3 months ago but was resolved. Was this bug possibly re-introduced? This was working fine until recently and we've made no other real changes in plugins other than performing updates.

99% of our plugins are MPMUDev plugins as well and we have not installed any non-wpmudev plugins for well over 6-8 months minimum. So the possibility of another plugin causing this conflict is minimal. Please have the developer look at this to ensure the bug was not reintroduced.