New Blog Templates not adding Membership user role capabilities

Hello :slight_smile:

I am not too sure if this is something I am doing wrong but with New Blog Templates I select these options:

What To Copy To New Blog?
*Wordpress Settings, Current Theme, and Active Plugins
*Categories, Tags, and Links

I also select all Additional Tables under the Advanced Options in regards to the Membership plugin.

When a new site is created everything is copied over fine accept the site admin cannot see the Membership admin menu.

I have checked the new users role capabilities and these capabilities are missing:

membershipadmin, membershipadmindashboard, membershipadminmembers, membershipadminlevels, membershipadminsubscriptions, membershipadmincoupons, membershipadminpurchases, membershipadmincommunications, membershipadmingroups, membershipadminpings, membershipadmingateways, membershipadminoptions, membershipadminupdatepermissions

Am I missing something when setting up New Blog Templates?

Your help is greatly appreciated!