New Blog Templates not copying some images

When a new site is created using blog template from New Blog Templates, some of the images are not copied over from the template blog.

  • Dimitris
    • Support Star

    Hello there Todd Heitner,

    hope you’re doing good today and please excuse our late response here, we somehow missed this topic, I’m really sorry about that.

    I just tried to replicate this in a testing multisite of mine and images from older folders (I also used /sites/XX/2017/) are getting copied over without any problem.

    Could you please try to increase max_execution_time to a higher value like 900 and check this once more? Here’s how you can edit this PHP variable:

    You should be able to see the updated values in network admin under WPMU DEV -> Support -> System Info [button] -> PHP [tab].

    If this doesn’t make any difference, please consider creating a staging environment (this is pretty easy with your hosting provider, check here) and proceed with a conflict test about it. The concept here is to deactivate all plugins from network, also from subsite that you use as a New Blog Template base. Then try to create a new site based on this template and see if that makes any difference. If not, also try to use a default theme in the subsite you use for New Blog Template. If the issue is gone, start activating the remaining plugins and theme, one by one this time, creating a new site every time until you reproduce the issue again, thus finding the conflicted combination.

    The following flow chart should assist you on this:

    Warm regards,


  • Todd Heitner
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    I’m still troubleshooting this issue. In the process, my developer found something in the New Blog Templates plugin that should be changed:

    blogtemplates/blogtemplatefiles/integration.php – ” ->insert() ” to be replaced with ” ->replace() “

    This patch will take in consideration duplicate fields and won’t crash the software if just needed to update the fields.

    Can you please pass this along to the developers of the plugin? My developer added it to the plugin on my site, but I know this will get overwritten when the plugin gets updated.



  • Panos
    • SLS

    Hey Todd Heitner !

    Do you still have issues with the images not being copied? If so please let us know so we could have a closer look there, also could you specify if possible some of those images not being copied?

    As for replacing the




    I suppose you are talking about the Easy Google Fonts plugin integration. In case the Posts option is selected, that INSERT shouldn’t cause any issues. However I have already replaced it and waiting for approval.

    Kind regards!

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