New Blog Templates not creating duplicate site properly.

Hi Guys,

Okay, having a brain freeze moment and finding it a challenge to do what we want.

1- Created a master site under that site is to be used for people to just visit and see. Nothing will really change on that site, that is , no live contant.

2- then using a blog cloning plugin, we cloned the and create a new site called

3- is not set as an active template.

4- Made the the site with all the new changes, updates. This site would be the master template that we would use to then create blog templates using the new blog templates plugin.

5- installed new blog templates plugin. Did a network activate.


1- How can we add add new plugins to the In adding the plugins to the network plugin folder under and saying activate network wide. We do not see the new plugins appearing in the plugin folder as active or even showing up.

2- In using the new blog templates plugin, when we create a new blog carry over all the settings, plugins from How can we ensure that this happens.

Thank you,