New Blog Templates not moving files, www-data a culprit?


I purchased New Blog Templates today. I'm attempting to use multisite to host a bunch of sites with the exact same content, save for a couple of customizations.

The problem I am having is, for some reason wordpress is using www-data to process uploads instead of the typical logon that wordpress was installed with. On my dozens of other wordpress site's I've never seen this behavior.

Everything duplicates fine, but it leaves the images behind, because I believe it does not have access to them.

So while all wordpress files are installed as local_username, the uploads being done through the site are being done as www-data (which is running apache).

So, when I clone the site, the files don't get moved to the new location, just the paths. "Placeholders" are in the media library for each of the files that SHOULD have been moved. But the images are all broken links.