New Blog Templates Plugin

Want to be able to create Templates with this plugin and send them out in large groups using Batch Create Plugin..

Not committed to only those tools but ,it is the starting point...

  • Patrick
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    Hi @100X

    Oops, I think there's a bit of confusion about what these plugins were designed to do.

    New Blog Templates does not enable you to design theme templates that can be exported. It enables you to create a basic setup that will be automatically assigned to each new sub-site that is added to your multisite install.

    So, if you use Batch Create to create your sites, they will all inherit the same setup you create with New Blog Templates.

  • 100X
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    Pat , Thanks for the feedback... I think/hope we are saying the same thing..
    We have used New Blog Template successfully to create modified version of our themes and let (that template serve) as the template for a new user when requeting a sign up..
    My goal is to have a scalable way to send out these templates that include modications ,plugins and the like on a bulk # basis when we have a valid email address from a new user ..
    For example can I use a template modified in New Blog Create for say non profits complete (with plugins in an activated mode) to be exported to Batch create in its new templated status.. Then tomorrow use batch create to send out a different version of the template with different plugins or content working..
    The key is how to best scale sending out batches of our customized themes in the most efficient way ( with the least amount of touch)while allowing us to use different versions(templates) of our theme..

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Nope. I think you missed one of the important parts of my previous post (and it may be the use of the word "template" that has thrown you off):

    New Blog Templates does not enable you to design theme templates that can be exported.

    What the plugin does, basically, is modify the default settings of a new blog to reflect the settings of one that you choose to use as a "template".

    In other words, when a new blog is created in your network, all the settings of your "template" blog will be applied by default. That means the theme that is used on the "template" blog will be activated on the new blog, all the same plugins will be activated on the new blog, etc.

    I think what you're after is a way to offer your users one-click-install types of packages (including your customized themes and plugins) for fully setup and functioning blogs.

    I honestly think that's wishful thinking. If that existed, I'd be working those guys instead :slight_smile:

    An alternative I can suggest is our Pro Sites plugin. It enables you to set any themes and/or plugins as premium modules that can be included with various premium packages. For your non-profits, you can create and add as many levels as you like, assign prices to them, and offer your users coupon codes for the full prices. Makes you look like the good guys!

    Once a user has signed up to, or upgraded to, a level, they get access to all the premium goodies you have included in that level. Including your custom theme designs. They will still have to manually activate the stuff they want though.

    I hope this helps clear things up a bit.

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