New Blog Templates plugin

How do I set up my main website so that the users select one of the templates available?
For example, if I have 3 templates available?
Will the user get the correct template when signs up?
How do I set this up?
Thanks for the info!

  • Vaughan

    Hi Janet,

    Hope you're well?

    If you want to have 3 templates available, first you must create 3 sites, 1 for each template.

    Call each subsite Template1, Template2 & Template3 for example.

    Now you configure the themes and plugins and pages on each of those template sites you just created.

    Once done, in the New blog templates super admin, you should now be able to create a template & then select the template subsite you wish to use for that template.

    Now new users should then be able to select a template when they sign up.

    For more info (i'm not sure if you're aware of the usage guide), but the following should get you going.

    Hope this helps

  • Janet Chavez

    Thanks for the info. But I already knew what you said above. But what I was asking you is how it is to set up from the main site so that the user can select a specific template from the main site from where they are signing up as a user? Like I am talking about from the ordering page, how the template creates from the ordering page. I thought only one template could be a default and that is the template that the user will get automatically when they sign up as a new user? What you are saying about a user being able to select a template when they sign up, I think you meant once the user is in the admin section of their site is when they will be able to select the template?
    But my question was about selecting the template when the user is signing up for the template. How will the user get a certain template if there is only one default template available?

  • Vaughan


    No, if you have more than 1 template site, then in the settings you can choose whether users can select those templates during sign up. once theysign up, they fill in their subsite details, select the template they want to use, and the site will instantly be created based on that template site.

    It is not possible to apply a template on an already created site, it has to be done at signup.

    The default template can be assigned & used as default for all sign ups if you haven't enabled selecting templates, this means if a template is set as default, and you don't allow selecting templates manually. then that default template will then be used for all created sites.

    There's even an option for a showcase page with screenshots of all the themes/templates available. A user can then click on that screenshot & it will automatically be applied when they sign up.

    Hope this helps

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