New Blog Templates Plugin and Membership Plugin

- Multisite at root level
- Problem plugins were "New Blog Templates" and "Membership"

Issue: Created templates of/for sites using the "New Blog Templates" plugin. The newly created sites using the templates would not accept/create "Access Levels" using the "Membership" plugin.

Fix: Per Aaron's support, I network deactivated the "Membership" plugin via the "Network Admin -> Plugin". Then created a site which would be the basis of the template. I network activated the "Membership" plugin via the "Network Admin -> Plugin". Then I created the template using the "New Blog Templates". I then created a test site based on the new template and turned went into that test site and was able to successfully create "Access Levels" using the "Membership" plugin.

Just wanted to let everyone know and thank Aaron, WPMUDEV, for his help in the support chat today...thanks again Aaron!!