New Blog Templates Selector shows on WRONG gravity form

This was working correctly before the most recent new blog templates update.

I have several gravity forms.

Turning on the “template selector” on form ID 21 shows the template selector on form ID 10… but not on form Id 21. Turning it off on 21, removed it from form ID 10.


Like I said, this was working correctly before the update. I have enabled support access to the site.

To test:

1 go to forms, and click on “site creation” (aka form 21)

2 click into registration feed and ensure that “template selector” is displayed.

3 Preview the form (you won’t see template selector)

4 Go to form “mailchimp signup list” (aka form 10)

5 go to user registration (there is no feed)

6 preview form (you’ll see template selector) – it shouldn’t be there.

7 go back to form “site creation (form 21), and turn off template selector

8 preview “mailchimp signup list” (form 10) – template selector will be gone.