New Blog Templates Site Creation with Registered Users

Hi guys! We are working on building a checkout flow where new users will buy their membership with woocommerce and register, and then they will be able to create their site on the multisite network.

I saw that we can use gravity forms to allow new users create sites, but i didn't see how to allow registered users to create a site who have already paid and registered through woocommerce? It would also be awesome if we could set limits on the number of sites that each user can register, is that possible?


  • Bojan Radonic

    Hey there bk12,

    How are you doing today?

    On standard Multisite setup registering new subsite is done from WP admin by going to Dashboard -> My Sites -> Add New, this page opens so you can utilize that and make a button somewhere in the header, new users will go through registration, exiting users will simply get slightly different page where tehy can only create a site as they are alrady logged in.

    For these types of sites normally I'd suggest using Pro Sites but as it doesn't use WooCommerce gateways it wouldn't really work in your setup, also Pro Sites doesn't offer you an ability to limit number of blogs per user.

    For limiting number of blogs user can create I've found this plugin, it's quite old but due to simplicity it should work (didn't test this on my end).

    Best regards,

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