New Blog Templates: Will any updates to template blog lead to a complete rewrite of child template/b

Hi ya all!

With New Blog Templates: Will any future updates to the main template blog, lead to a complete rewrite of child template/blogs, or do the minor changes take place without affecting things like custom colors, widgets, headers, posts,etc?

I can see occasions where I would love to "broadcast targeted changes" via a template change.

Please forgive me if this was covered before. I did research this, but could not find what I was looking for in the haystack of all the really cool ideas everyone is doing with this toy. I ended up walking away from this with a ton of solutions I never even imagined I needed, but not the one I came in with.


  • Mason
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    Hiya TJ,

    Good question, and the answer here is that the New Blog Template does not allow for this. Once a new blog/site has been created there are no strings attached to it and no way to "push" changes to the site.

    The amount of coding required to do this would be rather extensive and, I imagine, quite a strain on the server if you pushed a change this way out to all your sub-sites.

    If you're using the same theme across all sites though, you could just make the color change to your theme and this would then be immediately updated across all sites. Wouldn't be the same as being able to change a widget that's been implemented on each site, but would work for some instances.


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