New Development: Multisite+Marketpress; Events; and Directories

Hey Guys,

So I am on my first multisite ,possibly multi-multisite, development and have some questions for you guys.

General Concept:

1. MarketPress: My general network theme is going to be based off of marketpress allowing users to have their own stores.

The multisite will be the home domain and each store will have a subdirectory.

No questions here, yet. :wink:

2. Directory: I want to add directories. I have three main categories that each have an additional 50+ categories.

My problem here is I can’t decide whether or not to make this a subdomain to my home domain or create a subfolder for this section as well.

Again, In this area of my network I will have three main categories and fifty plus sub-categories.

If I make my directories section a subdomain should/can I make it a personal in-house multisite having three directory sites as subfolders all running the Directory Plugin, Each site dedicated to its own niche, or just run it as one installation?

Am I over thinking this or overlooking something that may be easier?

3. Events: I want an Events area so users can pay to advertise.

This area will be limited to one general event type, but will have ten to fifteen categories.

I want it to be separate with its own listing and payment area.

Should I create a subdomain here since it is an additional revenue stream and many people not using marketpress may want to utilize this part of my network without having a marketpress store.


Or, should I be building all this as one complete site with different user capabilities?

Thanks guys.