New domain on multisite, now how to best direct old domain to new site


I have an old domain ( that I would like to redirect visitors to a new domain ( which is the main site of a multisite install.

Problem is, that when you go to it redirects to a wp error page that says "Registrations have been disabled" on

This should just display the site, right?

For, I have setup:
a sub-domain wp multisite install (confirmed working)
a dedicated IP(confirmed working)
a wildcard entry in the DNS host (confirmed working)
the mpmudev domain maping plugin (confirmed working)

For, I have:
an A name entry in the DNS host that points to the dedicated IP (confirmed working)

As a troubleshooting measure, I have setup a temporary sub site within the multisite ( and this seems to have worked, but this is not my goal. should just point to

Here is my question:
What is the best way for me to point to