New Faturure Tour + Marketpress


I was wondering if you guys can do something with the new wordpress admin backened feature tour introduced in 3.1. wordpress uses this to inform us of new nifty features added to the backend.

An example to use this is:

Say on a wordpress multisite, the network admin wants to inform blog owners on the network about newly added feature (like plugin / functionality/ upgrades, etc), this “feature tour” plugin can be used to achieve it.

Another instance is touring them through the admin backend on first visit, pointing them to different fuunctions and features, etc


Also you guys should please develop more on marketpress, its such an important plugin, meet competitions like woocommerce and wp-ecommerce , those guys are just far ahead of u guys and they are not even much! (better and easy documentation on plugin extention, payment module for different / specific countries, other shipping, other ecommerce functionality, more style, etc. There is only soooo much u guys can achieve with this plugin. ) Please try to meet and surpass their plugin ecommerce plugin so that we on the other hand can create more value to our clients.

I hope i just made a good point. Thanks. Cheers.