New feature: theme tutorial videos

We've updated our manual today with some great new tutorial videos for you. These are a series that is continuing to grow each week where an aspect of themeing will be looked at in 2-3 minutes. Currently we have:

Adding a widget anywhere in 3 simple steps

Custom headers: adding an image and changing the size

Creating and setting a page template

We hope you enjoy this new feature we will be adding each week to this collection so don't forget to check out the page:

Theme video tutorials

With this announcement we'd also like to put a request out to see if there is anything you would like covered in these tutorials. Just to let you know the type of thing here are a few we have planned coming up:

- Page templates part II : static home pages, blog/news templates and activity streams on the front
- Changing a style using a child theme
- Firebug 101
- Basic text css styling
- Placing the activity stream in a page

The format is 2-3 minutes only but we'd love to know what type of thing you'd like to see us cover. Just let us know and we'll see what we can do about adding it into a tutorial. Remember these are not specific to any theme infact our aim is these are about enabling you to take any theme and make it your own. We are though open to theme specific tutorials if there is a request for those. Think of it as an 'ask a theme designer' format and we'd love to answer your questions to help you learn more about developing and exploring your themes to get a truly customised site. If you've ever wanted to get your hands dirty with some code but we're afraid or couldn't find the resources to tell it to you straight now is the time to ask a question :slight_smile:

Anyway, there you go with our latest addition to the manuals, video tutorials - we hope you like them.