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This site is going to be for churchs. We want them to be able to communicate with the members in their own group. We don't want just anybody to be able to create a group. We want them to sign up and then request to join a group. If they want to start a new group, we'll create it for them. So here's my question...

How do I remove the Create group option from the groups page, but allow people who've been accepted to join a group to create sub groups within that specific group?

Here's the process we'd like.
1 - Some church leader signs up and request that WE start a new group for their church. We don't want anyone, other than us, to be able to create a main group.
2 - We create their group page and email them when it's done.
3 - Then a new person can sign up and request to be added to a specific group. This part is pretty straight forward and is already setup.
4 - Once someone is accepted into a group, they can then create sub groups within their home group.

So, to synopsize, we don't want anyone to be able to sign up and create their own group. But, once they're accepted to a group, we want them to be able to create as many sub groups as they want.

What I need is to know how to remove the create group button from the main groups page, but keep it on the sub groups pages. Sorry to make this so long, but wanted to include as many details as I could. Hope this makes some kind of sense.

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    Hi Lisa, thanks for your detailed post.

    If it was me (Ive done a church website) I would use the membership plugin:

    This allows control of groups to "members only". So this means folks can email you and say "I want to be a member and start a group" you can then upgrade their account or assign them a new member account from the Membership plugin admin screen.

    Job done :slight_smile:

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    Yeh to answer you last question a bit more directly you would assign groups to a certain member level. Perhaps a level that is in the admin screen but not available on the front end upon signup.

    You would also have a default level that all users would signup for initially. This default level would have no access to groups, you set this in the settings. So the create groups button will not be available for these default users.

    Once you manually upgrade them to the next level then this option will become available to them.

    I think there is a few key areas here:

    1. Having two levels. The first being a default with no group access. The second having group access but not available to signup for on the front end....i.e. admin side only.
    2. Making sure users know about how o become an "upgraded member". My advice here would be to have a menu link or banner saying "Upgrade your account for free", which will leed them to a page with a bit of info and an email form to fill out. You could also use a login redirect plugin to redirect users upon login to this page, although you would have to do some kind of conditional check i.e. IF user IS a default member THEN redirect to upgrade page ELSE go somewhere else.


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