New Host, New Installation, Holder Theme, Social Link strange

Howdy! I moved my site to HostGator and pointed my domain over there. When I first installed it the permalinks were working fine. Then I started installing security plugins, your SEO add-on, and before I really realized it, the permalinks weren't working anymore. That's not what I'm writing about, but I thought I'd mention it in case it's related to why I decided to write:

My site is:

So, I entered my Twitter page link into the social field for Twitter and I'm getting a 404 error message when I click on it. I though "okay, now what?" because I was having some weird iFrame issue with my last host. So I hovered over the icon and saw this as the hyperlink:

So where did come from?? I know I probably did it at some point, but heck, I can't remember.

Thank you for your amazing help! I've really learned a lot so far from you guys! :slight_smile: