New Lifetime Membership structure

I just want to make sure I understand one aspect of the new points system to receive a Lifetime Membership.

As I read it, I’m understanding it to say that if at any time I use 1,000 points (400 of which must be gifted from at least 10 members) to receive a free year of service, then I can never be granted lifetime membership status, even if at a later time I accumulate the 5,000 points, at 400 a year given by 10 different members each year.

Is this a correct interpretation of the new rules?

  • Josh Mitchell
    • Flash Drive

    Hello @faydra_deon!

    Thanks for posting your question on the forums!

    Spending the 1,000 points on an annual membership will not disqualify you from ever earning a lifetime membership.

    It will just cost you 1,000 points from your point bank, which will set you back from reaching that 5,000 point goal!



  • Ash
    • WordPress Hacker

    Hello @faydra_deon

    I hope you are well today and thanks for asking the question.

    As @joshua mentioned in the above post, you won’t be disqualified for Life time membership if you claim annual membership. But it will cost 1000 points. For example, if you have 2000 points and you claim annual membership, then you will need more 4000 points instead of 3000 points to claim life time membership.

    @timstrifler: Yes, it was changed last month, here is the new link:



  • faydra_deon
    • WordPress Warrior


    Under “Conditions,” it says this:

    To achieve Lifetime status you need to not spend your points on annual memberships. You need to save 5,000 points with no cashing in

    That implies that if I ever cash in for an annual membership, then I won’t ever quality for a lifetime membership, even if I accumulate 5,000 points outside of the times I’ve cashed in for a lifetime membership.

    Specifically, the parts that give me pause are:

    you need to not spend your points on annual memberships


    save 5,000 points with no cashing in

    This is totally different from saying something like:

    To achieve Lifetime status we suggest you don’t spend any of your points on annual memberships. This is because you need a total of 5,000 points to achieve Lifetime status. Every time you spend 1,000 points on an annual membership, that puts you 1,000 further from Lifetime status.

    As it is written now, my original interpretation is the case:

    If at any time I use 1,000 points to receive a free year of service, then I can never be granted lifetime membership status, even if at a later time I accumulate the 5,000 points

    If this is not the case, then the wording needs to be changed on that point in the “Conditions.”

    Call me anal. Call me over-sensitive. However, the wording says what it says, and no one should be assuming it says something different, like you can do “either/or.”

    What is says, as written at the time of my post, is that you can only do “one or the other.”


  • faydra_deon
    • WordPress Warrior


    You asked why it was changed.

    I would think it was changed because too many people were reaching Lifetime membership status too quickly, and I’d assert that it wasn’t because they were creating spam posts, as @wouter Jan Kok implied in his post.

    The WPMU DEV team make it clear that once you contact them to say you should be awarded a lifetime membership, they scour your posts to make sure you didn’t receive most of your points by posting a lot of nonsense.

    I’m confident that I haven’t been just posting to be posting to get a Lifetime membership, and I’m at 844 points, which has taken me less than two months to accumulate.

    I work with WordPress for a living. I build sites on almost a daily basis. I write a column on WordPress, I teach WordPress classes at a local community college and I have a couple of websites about WordPress. I’m also constantly being asked on Twitter and Facebook to troubleshoot WordPress issues for others. I even have a single site enviroment and a multisite environment that only have WPMU DEV plugins and themes on them, so I can learn the ins and outs of the products to help other members.

    I’m also a self-employed web designer/developer, so I can spend hours in the forums offering help to people.

    That doesn’t make me special or the exception. If we were all novices, then it would take longer for most of us to get to that 1,000 points. However, lots of people who help out in the forums know just as much and/or way more than I do, so Lifetime membership is easily attained, even at 1,000 points.


  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey all.

    I remember back when I was a member and the offer was launched (I was helping others before that just because I could), I earned my 1000 points in around 2 to 3 weeks. I was the first member across the lines. :slight_smile:

    My original thought was wow, a free lifetime member just for being myself and wanting to help others. Awesome I’m rewarded for being me, but as I stated publically back then (before I got the free membership) a 1,000 points is way too low. You’ll find that post around the forums somewhere. :slight_smile:

    Because lets be honest, no company is under any obligation to give a free lifetime of products away, products that cost the company to develop, maintain and support. My cable provider doesn’t do it, my mobile provider doesn’t, neither does my gas and electric supplier.

    Some (a small amount) have gamed the system, but that’s not so important. I’m not worried about them :slight_smile:


    It encourages members to remain active, and continually promoting community spirit by helping others. The number of lifetime members we have that never come back and share the love once they earn their free membership is huge.

    I was guilty of that too, I had no incentive. :'(

    I’m not saying everyone does. :slight_smile:

    At the current price plans I’d be saving $588 to $1188 each year, so since I signed up (2007 or earlier on original account, and 2010 on this account) that’s 6+ years, well you see the math there had I just remained dormant with support but using a free membership to get the products and support.

    Sometime to also keep in mind is that we’ve also made it easier to earn points, points for translating. And soon you’ll get points for commenting on our blog articles, referring new members and through our WPMU Academy. :slight_smile:


    To use an analogy this is how it works:

    Own a chocolate factory (aka lifetime supply) £10.

    Smaller 200 gram chocolate bar £2.

    I can either keep buying the small chocolate bar and keep eating it, or I can save up for the more expensive version that never ends. :slight_smile:

    Or I can save up so many (say £8), and spend £2 to keep me going, then continue saving the other £4.

    Hence “You need to save 5,000 points with no cashing in“.

    I could earn 3,000, then my renewal is up. Rather than paying cash I could spend 1,000 on getting a free year. That leaves me with 2,000 points and I’m not paying any more money plus I have another 12 months to earn another 3,000 points.

    If I earned a total of 4,000 (didn’t hit the 5) before the next renewl, I could buy another year with those points leaving me 3,000 and then I only need to earn 2,000.

    So that way it’s not costing me more money, but it’s a great incentive to remain active and helping the community out.


    We’ve had tons of releases this year, what you’re saying implies we’ve not released any.

    – WP for iOS – New Release

    – WP for Android – New Release

    – Pretty Plugins – New Release

    – Multisite Content Copier – New Release

    – Domain Mapping updates with the inclusion of eNom

    – Slide In – New Release

    – YouTube Featured Video – New Release

    – Huge updates to our Chat plugin. One on one chats, and all kinds of cool stuff.

    – Huge updates to our eNewsletter plugin.

    – Same for Snapshots.

    – Updates to each and every single video

    – A fair few tutorial series on using some of our plugins including MarketPress, Membership and others.

    – Introduction of a language translation area

    I’ve not even covered all the updates, there are loads and that doesn’t include important work like refactoring, security reviews, etc.

    We have 3 other new projects that are close to completion, the themes being one of those.

    MarketPress 2.9 is also pretty close and will add some much needed features.

    Rest assured we pump many thousands into development and support each and every month. And we’re working as hard as possible to bring you new goodies and updates but unfortunately this takes time.

    Anyway, I hope this explains, and clarifies.

  • faydra_deon
    • WordPress Warrior

    @timothy Bowers:

    Again, the wording is not “either/or” it’s “one or the other.”

    The wording is declarative not suggestive. It’s not led by “for example.”

    I don’t know why you all keep trying to explain to me how simple subtraction works. I knew that before I created the post. I’m not an idiot, and I’m actually not being nit-picky either.

    Again, if you read the wording as it is right now, what you all keep trying to put forth has no merit. The wording doesn’t say what you all say. It says “not” and “no.”

    Again, if what you all keep trying to say is the case, then change the wording of the condition to reflect that, and stop trying to tell me that the wording says something it doesn’t.

    Don’t do it for me. Do it for the thousands of other members who will never see this post. If you can keep explaining it to me, then change the wording on the condition to reflect what you keep saying it is.


  • timstrifler
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Thanks for clearing things up Tim. I guess 5,000 does make more sense. I don’t think I’ll ever come close though.

    I do agree with @faydra_deon though. The wording is incredibly confusing. It makes it sound like you are no longer eligible to earn a lifetime membership ever if you cash in for a year. You might want to fix up that wording to avoid confusion.

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon


    I’m not saying your an idiot, the way I read your post was that you didn’t understand. I was simply trying to explain.

    I’m sorry if you took that any other way.

    I guess it’s interpretation then, because honestly to me that makes perfect sense. It’s telling me I need save 5,000 and I can’t spend any of those 5,000 in order to cash in.

    I’m not arguing, just saying how I personally read it. :slight_smile:

    I will of course pass your feedback along to our writers for them to assess and adjust accordingly. :slight_smile:

    Thank you for the feedback.

    Take care.

  • Site Division
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    @timothy Bowers

    Don’t take what I said the wrong way, I guess I could have expounded more on the subject. It’s just that it seems like the big releases that I’ve read about and that have been alluded to on the forums are still pending.

    I am completely satisfied with the membership and all that we have seen as of late. I do not think that any other WP community has done as much for WordPress or WP Multisite as you guys have.

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon


    It’s cool, thanks for the kind comments :slight_smile:

    This theme project, it’s soooo close. I’m hoping a public release will be very soon, some lifetime members will actually be testing this very soon. Once we get feedback and providing there are no major issues then there should releasing shortly after. :slight_smile:

    This has been a longtime in the making, and I can’t wait till it’s out there in the wild! :slight_smile:

    Take care.

  • faydra_deon
    • WordPress Warrior

    @timothy Bowers:

    I wasn’t upset or offended by your explanation. It’s just that explaining subtraction to me doesn’t actually address my concern. My concern is the wording of the condition.

    You, however, do make my point when you say the following:

    It’s telling me I need save 5,000 and I can’t spend any of those 5,000 in order to cash in.

    You’re saying exactly what I said in the beginning.

    I did go through the contact form and referenced this discussion, asking that someone please clarify the wording since Staff are in the forums saying it’s “either/or” and not “one or the other” but the current wording asserts it’s “one or the other.”


  • Brashell
    • The Bug Hunter

    BTW just finding out about this right after I got the 1000 points, and a bit frustrated with the fact it was just changed and I just got enough. I have been spending 5+ hours on here trying to get to it, and it was swept right from under my feet because I was off by a few days… some of it is fun, but I cant keep spending the time I am doing once things start picking up in school again. @timothy Bowers can you email me not using the contact email, because I think someone is forwarding it to some other guy and not you…

  • be
    • WP Core Meltdown

    It has been changed for a few weeks, (@Timothy Bowers refers to a paragraph correction was done yesterday) just one of those things that you have to find out for yourself..

    Wording – it has never been “lifetime” because it has always come with many conditions.

    ie: you cannot / could not get to 1000 and them simply fail to contribute the following year etc as you would then need to start again..

    Like @faydra_deon says say and mean are 2 different things,

    Have pointed this out not in the public forum and was given assurances it was being looked at and clarified..

    No one says you have to do it, but either do it and mean it or don’t do it at all and we all know where we stand.

    To give the benefit of the doubt perhaps whoever is writing the deals “English is not their first language” otherwise too many things to do..

    But it has never been clear, either in words or even in a place to find it, ie: where was the link, when you gift points where does it indicate the rules..

    no where and still doesn’t..

    Now don’t get me wrong = like we all understand no one has to give anything away and its a great incentive..

    BUT when the goal posts keep moving or in fact cannot even be found.. then people lose interest or just get plain annoyed..

    So in the interests of fair play and the fact that @faydra_deon has managed to get a part of the issue dealt with going live I ask could you also see to it that the rules are clear and accessible for everyone..

    Where is the link, apart from the one I have posted numerous times… Why is it not at the very least with your profile or where you can see it , like maybe your rep area..

  • Brashell
    • The Bug Hunter

    I am not saying I am just gonna leave once I have the membership by no means at all, but life gets in the way, I might drop off for a a month because of family issues or school. In my dashboard on my site it tells me I am a lifetime member and even have the little trophy, in my private area it tells me I am 100% lifetime member. Now I am being told read this and come to find out it was changed. Its not to say that I am being greedy or not grateful for the gift or a free year, but its not easy to get 1000 points without spending 1/4 of your day on here. I have been working this whole time with a prize in sight just to have it ripped out from under my feet just as I was about to grab it. Its a bit frustrating to have that happen as you guys might understand. I really think it should still be honored though as to the fact in two places it tells me I earned it, the private dashboard on this site, and my sites dashboard. You have done a lot for me @timothy Bowers and gave me a super amazing opportunity and am so dearly grateful for it, but I have been doing quite a bit too. This isn't going to stop me from providing support by any means, please know that.

  • be
    • WP Core Meltdown

    eg: – this is CURRENTLY shown in your profile.

    It is NOT correct..

    and now I’m venting..

    Like plugins and updates etc.. seeing them through to the end matters.

    Leaving fixes and almost there things is just irritating..


    Dealing with teachers and legal folks all day long makes you pay attention to detail regardless of who thinks it doesn’t matter, (it is not factual so it does)

  • Brashell
    • The Bug Hunter

    Now you can see my disappointment when I practically celebrated getting my 1000 points, then in my email I was dully told sorry, while you have been a great help now you have to get 5000 points! But mind you, you can get a year. Again, its not that I am not grateful but there wasn’t ever an announcement.*Edit* It isn’t the fact of the money or having the title, its just the security of me knowing that I will be able to stay a member here, thats all.

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    The Dashboard plugin has a release ready to go, currently however Aaron is on vacation in Hawaii.

    The release will be made once he’s fully back to work.

    You can still get a free year with 1000 points, that’s a huge saving on our current plans of between $1188 and $588 per year. Nothing to pay, nada, zilch, zero! :slight_smile:

    I can see an email was assigned to me during the night, I’ll respond shortly @brashell, we’re just a little busy at the moment. :slight_smile:

    Take care.

  • Brashell
    • The Bug Hunter

    At first, I thought it was going to be extremely difficult to get the 5000 points, but if you think about it, 14 posts a day everyday for 365 days and you will have all 5000 points. It will take some dedication, lol. I will have fun though with it, whenever there is new releases its always filled up in the forums with new questions.

  • Brashell
    • The Bug Hunter

    @timothy Bowers I have met some pretty mean and nasty people here, I can only imagine what you have seen and heard. I got a pretty mean email from one guy after I tried helping him and couldn’t find the answer cause his site was all messed up. I wish I still had it, it was kind of funny though. People just don’t understand you get farther with milk and honey then you do with vinegar. Its a concept that some people really need to learn.

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