New Member Moderation (mod queue maybe?) plugin?

Hi all,

We're currently finishing up a move of a Ning network with 90,000 users to a custom built Buddypress site. So far we're about 95% of the way to being ready to "flip the switch," but one of the final obstacles seems to be a problem duplicating new member functionality we have on Ning.

Here is what we're looking to do on new member registration:

1) First time Cookie - Pop-Up asking for email and state (with simple little pitch to join) STEP COMPLETED AND TESTED
2) On submission Step two is a form with pre-filled state and email fields, along with additional basic registration such as username, password, blog name and url (if they want one) and terms agreement. STEP COMPLETED AND TESTED
3) Email activation. At this point the user is auto-assigned to the state based group according to the state input in step one and two. STEP COMPLETED AND TESTED

Our ideal step 4, and this is how we currently have it on Ning, would be to re-direct user to profile with message about final required profile fields. Upon completion of profile completion, user is then kicked to moderation queue and awaits admin or mod approval before user can publish any content or become socially engaged in the community.

To date we haven't been able to identify any coherent solutions for such an action.

Any ideas or thoughts?