New members aren't granted access to easy mode in easy blogging?

MP GM multisite
Easy-blogging plugin: in progress.
Relevant Thread

Both "member" accounts (role=?) and MP "shop merchant" accounts (site admin) can be created in my network.

1) Thread points out, and I did not know this, when new member accounts are made, users are not given a role, not even subscriber.
- Is this normal? Why not?
- Can you help me edit i.e. login.php, to give new member accounts the "contributor" role?

Due to this issue, Member accounts get a scary "easy-mode" easy-blogging experience. As "be" pointed out in the thread, Multisite-user-management does not help, it will create issues with new shops, and I don't want to mess with MP shop accounts.

2) Can Easy Blogging experts please let me know if this plugin can be updated to allow "easy mode" for all users, especially if it is forced to be on for all permission roles?

3) The third option is for me to put MP shop merchant accounts at risk by installing MUM plugin. If I go this route and have to do a fix for each new site (refer to thread), that would not be good.

Path 1 or path 2?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts.
Thank you.