New members not being added by M2

I just set up M2 to start accepting recurring payments via 2checkout. A new member paid for their membership today. I received an email from 2checkout that the transaction has been successfully accepted BUT did not receive a confirmation via the M2 automated email response (I have it set up to send me an email at the same time it sends the new member an email)

Even more problematic is the new member does NOT appear in the members list and they are contacting me to say they can’t log in to the content they have now paid for.

I have checked my settings in 2checkout and I have the Global Notifications URL and Approved URL set correctly.

In addition, according to the sale information in my 2checkout dashboard, this sale is listed as NOT recurring. It is supposed to be a recurring sale (every 3 months)

What am I missing?

Why is my new member not showing up in the Membership list and why don’t they have access to the content they have now paid for? And why hasn’t it been set as a recurring payment?