New multisite project starting point subdomain or subfolders-path-url-dir style

Ok after some insight from the wpmudev staff and lots of fun to understand the configurations for my Plesk 12.5 and wordpress I can setup and use either a subdomain multisite or subfolder-path-url-dir multisite and get similar routing of domain and subdomain results from the user prospective.

I now understand the process for my server to create:

test.domain.tld or domain.tld can be "Domain Mapped" in a multisite using subfolder-path-url-dir to any site domain.tld/subfolder-path-url-dir
test.domain.tld can be the site generated in a multisite using subdomains. and not have to set domain mapping for test.domain.tld and domain.tld can be mapped to test.domain.tld

Other than using "multi domain", it seems wpmudev developers don't like this plugin with subfolder-path-url-dir multisites, can you say what if any advantage there is to using subdomain or subfolder-path-url-dir multisite config?

Since "Multi Domain" plugin doesn't work with subfolder-path-url-dir multisites I don't know what Features with other wpmudev plugins that I might want to use would work better on a subdomain or subfolder-path-url-dir multisite config.

I have two identical testbed configurations of subdomain or subfolder-path-url-dir multisites with all the same wpmudev plugins and a couple of mapped domains and subdomains. All sitting in default config waiting for me to select one over the other or build both at the same time.

I was hoping with all the experience of the support staff here that there would be a dominant opinion on which style of multisite to use.

Any guidance would be appreciated.