New Newsletter - how can I get to it?

I installed e-newsletter, activated it etc, tested the email account and so on. But whenever I try to klick "new newsletter", for a short time a site looking like a theme's options´ site ("iletter") opens, but before I can do anything that site disappears and I get the message "Schummeln, was?" - i looked in the .po-file in order to find the original English message for that but there is no entry translated to that message. In English it means something like "cheating, eh?"

So what can I do?

  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey Mathias,

    Hope you are well today. eNewsletter uses the Appearance > Customize page to create newsletters. Gives it more design flexibility!

    We have run into this issue with W3 Total Cache before - I notice you aren't running that but can you disable your quick cache plugin and let us know if it works after that?

    Look forward to your reply!


    • Tyler Postle
      • CGO

      Hey Mathias,

      Bummer! Had my fingers crossed that we would get it on the first try there.

      I checked for js errors and it looks like the chat plugin is giving an error on that page - can you deactivate that plugin to see if it works after?

      If not, would you mind doing a full plugin/theme conflict check? The easiest/fastest way to do this when you have several plugins is to do it through FTP.

      Here's the process:

      1. Connect through FTP and navigate to your /wp-content folder

      2. Re-name your plugins folder to "plugins-old"

      3. Create a new folder called "plugins"

      4. Drag over the e-newsletter plugin from the plugins-old folder to your new plugins folder.

      This will do a "soft deactivation" to all your plugins except e-newsletter. Make sure you DON'T visit your plugins page from your admin dashboard now otherwise it will hard deactivate them all and you may lose some settings.

      If the plugin works now, then you can drag your plugins over 1 by 1 until it stops working again. Now we know which plugin it is :slight_smile:

      Once your finished you can make sure all plugins are back in your "plugins" folder and then you'll be good to go and you can visit the plugins page again without deactivating anything.

      Hope this helps Matthias! Let us know what you find here.

      Look forward to your reply.

      All the best,

      • Matthias
        • The Incredible Code Injector

        Hey Tyler,

        so I deactivated the Chat-Plugin (and just to be sure I also deactivated any cache-relevant plugin), Nothing changed.

        About the rest - well, as I wrote in another thread I get the feeling, that I need to take the nuke - and re-install everything from zero... Several things are to be done before and I have to do it quickly (and activate the one plugin that is (via an iframed page) active already fist....

        But, as I wrote there also, I will wait with nuking my installation until I
        a) have (and even be it in handmade files) saved all customizing I did so far
        b) have tested all plugins I wanted to test, so I can be sure that there won´t be any need to do it again (looking in the user role management there are several "remains" of long-deinstalled plugins to be found - the day I nuke the system I wanna be sure, which plugins I use - so that there won´t be more than 2 or three I may deactivate and delete later and which may cause me trouble with their remains :wink:

        So I will get back to you after "nuke-day" - probably within the next 7 days, depending on how my tests are...

        Anyway THANK YOU for trying to help! (and at least I know now, what is NOT causing the trouble - that may sound ironic, but I consider that an information of value - so even if we did not get to the goal yet, I consider that help)

        All the best from Germany


  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey again Matthias,

    Well, I'm glad we could at least cross some things off the list of possibilities for you!

    Definitely get back to us after "nuke-day" and we'll be happy to help with anything that needs assistance.

    No problem. and enjoy your World Cup final if you will be tuning in! :slight_smile:

    All the best from Canada,

    • Matthias
      • The Incredible Code Injector

      Thank you... I will... get back to you and enjoy (as two of my favorite teams are competing it can´t go totally wrong :wink: )

      Greetings to my favorite country (a part of me did not come back after my 5 weeks in Canada) :wink:

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