New Open-Source WordPress Bootstrap theme

I would like to announce the release of o FREE Wordpress theme, based on twitter's Bootstrap.
The theme is called Shoestrap and you can get it from here: It is basically a fork of the amazing Roots theme ( with many tweaks and deep integration with Wordpress's Theme Customizer (WordPress 3.4 and above).

Widget Areas:
Footer Left
Footer Center
Footer Right

The customizer options included are listed below:

Header & Logo
Upload a logo image
Change the header region background color
Change the header text color. This setting affects the color of your site-name when you haven’t uploaded a logo, as well as the color of your social links icons.
Selection of Navbar color
Branding mode (Header/Navbar)

Left Sidebar
Right Sidebar
No Sidebar

Choose from 550+ Google Webfonts for your site

Select the background color for your footer.

Hero Region
Content (Accepts HTML)
Call To Action Button label
Call To Action Button link
Call To Action Button color (select from 5 variations)
Background Color
Background Image
Text Color
Visibility of the Hero Region (Frontpage only or site-wide)

Social Links
Facebook Link
Twitter Link
Google+ Link
Pinterest Link

Dark/Light text color (defaults to dark)
Links Color
Buttons Color
Background Color

Background Image
Choose an image for your site’s background

Select a WordPress Menu for your navbar navigation

On top of that, the login screen is customized to include your branding and styles. Specifically:
uses your own logo instead of the default wordpress logo, linking to your homepage
Uses your site’s background color, background image and header colors
uses the colors you have selected for buttons & links

Uses LESS!!

For more details, you can check out the theme's page here:

There are still some bugs, mostly related to live previews in the customizer.
For example, if on the branding mode you select "NavBar" instead of "Header", then in order to correctly see the changes appled you have to save your options and close the customizer.

This is an open-source project, and if anyone wants to contribute you can do so on github: