New page function all screwed up. New page changes old page!

When I click to make a new page, save it as a page with the new name, it brings up a prior page. That is ok since then I don't have to put the 6 widgets I am using in the page again. I should be able to just edit the content on the new page and keep the structure with the header, footer and widgets.

I edit the new page in UF, save it and view it. Then I go back to the old page that the system presented when I created the new page, and it has saved that page the same as the new page.

So now I have two pages that are the same, and the old page has been overwritten with the information from the new page.

Two separate page names, same information, new page has overwritten the other page.

VERY FRUSTRATING, and again today I have spent hours doing the same crap trying to fix it.

Seems like every time I make good progress, some bug pops up and screws everything up.

I really like most aspects of this system, but please work out these crappy bugs that are costing me many hours of repetitive and UNNECESSARY work!