New Payment Gateway Request: ACH Direct (aka Payments Gateway)

We are in need of a payment gateway for ACH Direct aka "Payments Gateway".
Their Dev section is located here:

They have some existing 3rd party plugins that can be viewed here:

We'd be willing to participate in (or front) the development, perhaps in exchange from a month or two of subscription?

  • James Farmer

    This is for the membership plugin right?

    Mohanjith may be able to assist next week (he's working on right now), but that depends on complexity and also other member interest.

    Anyone else out there want 'Payments Gateway' integration for membership.. show us your +1s!

    As a rule we don't tend to accept third party contributions, but thanks for offering, if you have something to submit we'd be glad to take a look at it and if we can use it in any way chuck you a free extension :slight_smile: