New PayPal recurring payment failed to activate membership.

A brand-new member successfully paid via PayPal (and IPN successfully communicated that payment to the site) yesterday, 3/Tim – invoice #9957-1.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, her invoice remained in a DRAFT state, and did not activate a new membership for the user in question ( silvia.demozzi ).

I already tried two fixes:

1. First I tried changing the status of the invoice, by hand, from DRAFT to PAID. But although that then triggered assignation of a membership to that user, no payment gateway info was captured/associated with the membership at the time of activation – which means future recurring payments would fail to connect with the subscription on-site.

2. Then I tried changing the status of the invoice to PENDING, and resending the original IPN from PayPal. That did not activate the user’s subscription, and nor did it show up in the ‘Automatic Matching’ listing screen.

I’ve just enabled 5-day support access, so that you can get back-end access to the site and help resolve this glitch. Any feedback on the cause of the original failure would also be much appreciated.

Best regards,

:Benjamin Barnett

  • benjamin_barnett
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Nope, no recent changes. And yes, it is odd because of the singularity of the problem. Is there a standard set of steps to reconnect a membership that failed to link to its initial IPN from PayPal? Again, when you look at the transaction log it’s clear the IPN DID come in, and was even recognized by the Membership2 payment engine. :B

  • benjamin_barnett
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Patrick, this developer has been epically non-responsive … EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I have raised an issue with this plugin. Check my profile for a history of my Membership 2 Pro woes.

    Is there any sort of escalatory pressure that WPMU can bring to bear in light of this? Financial consequence? In any case, I’ll wait to receive further notice before I reactivate support access.

    (I guess? Perhaps you can advise me whether to keep reenabling WPMU support access in the hope that someone on the end-developer’s support team can pick up the damn’ ball and make some progress…:wink:

    Teeth gritted, :Benjamin

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi again benjamin_barnett

    Yes, I’ve got one if the co-developers looking into the issue. :slight_smile:

    Could you please post a screenshot of the transaction record for that particular member’s transaction that failed? I forgot to grab one when I was logged into your site the last time, and he would need that to help track down where things may have gone awry.

    Or, if you prefer, you could grant support access once again and I’ll pop in to get that info myself.


  • benjamin_barnett
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Some time in the past couple of weeks, her status changed (or was changed) from ‘Pending’ to ‘Active’. However, her Payment Gateway (listed on her membership details screen) still shows as ‘None (Admin)’ instead of ‘PayPal Standard’, so I’m not confident her account is properly linked with her PayPal recurring payment.

    I’ll re-enable support access; please have the developer take a poke and properly link her payment (on 22 mar 2017) to her account, so that future payments will hitchlessly connect and renew her membership.

    Thanks, :Benjamin

  • benjamin_barnett
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    HEY. HEY! What is going on with this ticket that it keeps getting dropped? Is there an unsolvable problem with the infrastructure of the plugin? Is the dev team for this plugin disbanded? Is complete unresponsive silence within the acceptable range of support provision under the WPMU brand?

    I don’t even understand WTF is happening with this ticket any more, because NO SUPPORT PERSON IS BOTHERING TO COMMUNICATE ANYTHING. Even “we’re having trouble establishing ongoing communication with the plugin dev team” would be better than *crickets*.

    Perhaps if I begin daily tweeting WPMU’s progress on this issue? Would that in any way be helpful, or move the response along at a less leisurely pace?

    Support access granted for ANOTHER three weeks.

    Helplessly hoping,


  • Kasia Swiderska
    • Support nomad

    Hello benjamin_barnett,

    I have a problem with viewing transaction logs on your site. Page where they should show is throwing 500 Internal server error. Can you tell me if you see the same problem on your side?

    If yes, then we need to first check what is causing this.

    Because this is a live site then I would like to check this with debug mode enabled.

    To enable it, open your wp-config.php file and look for define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false);. Change it to:

    define('WP_DEBUG', true);

    In order to enable the error logging to a file on the server you need to add yet one more similar line:

    define( 'WP_DEBUG_LOG', true );

    In this case the errors will be saved to a debug.log log file inside the /wp-content/directory.

    Depending on whether you want your errors to be only logged or also displayed on the screen you should also have this line there, immediately after the line mentioned above:

    define( 'WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY', false );

    The wp-config.php is located in your WordPress root directory. It’s the same file where the database configuration settings are. You will have to access it by FTP or SFTP in order to edit it.

    I would need then to see content of the debug.log file – so please upload it to service like a Dropbox and paste link here.

    Another problem is that at the moment there is no way to link “lost gateway” for user. I’m checking however with one of our devs if one fix they prepared to another problem would might help with that – because in cases like that usual solution is to cancel membership and signup again.

    kind regards,


  • benjamin_barnett
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Kasia, I resolved the 500 response (which boiled down to an out-of-memory error) on the page in question; you should be good to go now. Sorry for the slight delay in responding, had a family medical issue this week.

    Do you still want/need access to a debug_log file? I’ll switch it on if needed (with display off, only writing to file), but I don’t want the ongoing performance drain if we can instead arrange a time window during which you’ll be investigating.

    That way, I’ll switch debug to file on, you’ll do your thing(s) for an allotted span, then I’ll switch debug off and dropbox you the log file.

    Thanks for your timely attention on this long-standing problem!

    Best regards,


  • Kasia Swiderska
    • Support nomad

    Hello Benjamin,

    No, if the issue with 500 server error was fixed, then I don’t need debug.log (unless you have one from day of that issue with PayPal, then I would gladly check it).

    I spoke with developer and unfortunately custom solution I saw he developer would not help with your case.

    I’m talking with another developer is there is manual way to bring that gateway back to user, but he needs to check code of plugin and they will let me know.

    However – I checked again those transaction logs and that subscription was cancelled on 2017-06-03 – did you cancel that or member did? Because now, when it is cancelled on PayPal side they would need to re join membership anyway.

    kind regards,


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