New PayPal recurring payment failed to activate membership.

A brand-new member successfully paid via PayPal (and IPN successfully communicated that payment to the site) yesterday, 3/Tim – invoice #9957-1.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, her invoice remained in a DRAFT state, and did not activate a new membership for the user in question ( silvia.demozzi ).

I already tried two fixes:

1. First I tried changing the status of the invoice, by hand, from DRAFT to PAID. But although that then triggered assignation of a membership to that user, no payment gateway info was captured/associated with the membership at the time of activation – which means future recurring payments would fail to connect with the subscription on-site.

2. Then I tried changing the status of the invoice to PENDING, and resending the original IPN from PayPal. That did not activate the user’s subscription, and nor did it show up in the ‘Automatic Matching’ listing screen.

I’ve just enabled 5-day support access, so that you can get back-end access to the site and help resolve this glitch. Any feedback on the cause of the original failure would also be much appreciated.

Best regards,

:Benjamin Barnett