New plugin Beta: Appointments+

Hi all,

We are glad to introduce you our new plugin Appointments+ which makes it possible for your clients to apply for appointments from the front end or for you to enter appointments from admin side.

With its selectable off-the-shelf features, we believe it will be easy to use it in almost every kind of business working with appointments from a self owned one to that having several services and service providers/specialists/workers.


– Unlimited number of services can be created each having different capacity, duration and price.

– Optionally unlimited number of service providers can be created that can be assigned to one or multiple services and they can have different prices.

– Working and break time of the business can be set almost freely.

– Date, time and starting day of week follow WordPress settings, i.e. date/time localization is ready.

– Each service provider can have their own different work and break times.

– Holidays and exceptional working days (e.g. a specific Sunday business is open) can be defined in a user friendly manner for the whole business or for a specific service provider.

– Optional editing of work timetables and holidays by service providers themselves. Also editable from front end for BuddyPress, if set so.

– Selectable day limit that a client can make an appointment.

– Selectable allowance for overworks for services exceeding working and/or break hours.

– Front end output is completely generated by shortcodes by wide range of fully optional parameters, thus easiness of customizations.

– Selectable preset shortcode sets with weekly and monthly schedules can be automatically inserted, thus suitable for all businesses accepting appointments for the next few days up to several months.

– Possibility to add unlimited number of weekly or monthly schedules on the same page, e.g. schedules for the next 12 weeks.

– Selectable description pages for services and service providers that changes on the fly on the appointment page including featured image (thumbnail) and Gravatar support.

– Selectable preset color sets to match different themes. Custom color set creation is also possible.

– Selectable fields (name, email, phone, address, city, note) to be asked from the client. Each can be activated or deactivated individually. These are saved in a cookie, so regular clients do not need to refill them.

– Clients and service providers can follow their appointments from front end.

– Selectable login requirement.

– Front end login with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and WordPress is possible.

– Integration to Google Calendar by Google Calendar button; no need for API key, permission or registration.

– Selectable payment requirement via PayPal to accept an appointment.

– Selectable full service price, fixed deposit or deposit over a percentage of the service price.

– Integration with our Membership plugin. So discounts and/or exemption from deposits are possible for selected level or multiple levels.

– Confirmation emails with editable text.

– Multiple or single reminder emails with editable text for clients and service providers.

– Logging of sent email records and critical setting changes.

– Built in specific cache for heavy traffic appointment pages. Also compatible with most other general purpose caching plugins.

– Javascript code and css file are only loaded to the front end appointment pages, thus no extra load for unrelated pages of your website.

– Appointments can also be created manually from admin side (e.g. for appointments accepted by phone).

– All appointment records can be fully edited, e.g. to reschedule, to assign a service provider or to add notes.

– Selectable automatic removal of pending appointments which are not paid for or confirmed within a selectable time.

– Widgets for services, service providers and monthly calendar.

– Full documentation on the admin side including tutorial, FAQ’s and detailed explanation of the shortcode parameters.

– Lots of filter and action hooks for further customizations.

– Even some more :slight_smile:

You can visit our demo website here:

Please test Appointments+ and share your feedback with us to further improve it.