New Plugin Beta! Donations…

Hi All,

We’ve got a new toy for ya :slight_smile: Attached to this post is the beta version of a new plugin called, simply ‘Donations’.

We’re hopeful that it’s the easiest to use, most feature rich, donations / fundraising plugin you’ll find.

But of course we need your help in testing it out!

So, please can you download and install, have a play, and let us know any bugs, issues, feature requests or general improvements you’d like to use.

It should be pretty self explanatory, but to help you out there are two ways this works:

– Primary… you can insert fundraisers into any post or apge you like via the fancy new icon

– Secondary…. each fundraiser gets it’s own page too

Have a play, let us know how you go, as ever your feedback will be critical to how good this plugin is, so don’t hold back.

Cheers, James

Update, latest version attached