New Plugin Beta: Ultimate Branding

Check out this BRAND NEW plugin – designed to meet your Multisite

branding needs.

With Ultimate Branding, you can completely white-label your WordPress

Multisite networks with:

– Login images

– Favicons

– Custom admin bar

– Default dashboard widgets

– Help content

– Footer content

– Site-wide text changes

– and more!

This plugin combines (and greatly improves upon) many of our existing

plugins. When you network activate, if you already have some of these plugins

installed (such as login image, admin bar, etc.), it will ask you to

deactivate those first.

The best part is anything you already had configured in the other plugins

should automatically be carried over to this plugin.

The goal here was to simplify the branding process for you by putting

everything in one convenient network admin menu item.

Try it out, but best on a test site first as we iron out any issues that

may come up.


Upload the ultimate-branding directory to your plugins directory.

Login to you Network admin area and Network activate the plugin.

Click on the Branding menu and follow the on screen instructions.