New Plugin: “Directory” - Create a full blown directory site.

The “Directory” plugin gives you the ability to create a full blown directory site. At its core it uses the “Content Types” submodule introduced with CustomPress which gives you the ability to control all of your custom post types, taxonomies and fields. The “Directory” plugin, uses custom taxonomies for its top categories. You can add as many taxonomies as you want. Each taxonomy can be extended by adding categories and sub-categories inside it. Using this method you can create extremely well organized directory with perfect URL structure.

The “Directory” plugin package comes with a default theme. It can be found inside “directory/dp-themes/dp-default” directory. You can use it straight from the plugin or if you want to customize it you can copy it to your “themes” directory and do your customizations there. Speaking of customization the theme comes with theme options for “Background” and “Colors”. You can find these options inside your WP-ADMIN panel under the top level menu “Appearance”. With these options you can control almost any presentation aspect from the default theme.

The “Directory” plugin also comes with the “PayPal Express” payment gateway integrated. You can set up you API credential and can begin chragin your users for listing submission. The plugin also offer a header banner space which can be managed from the back-end.

For the novice users, the plugin comes with 16 base preconfigured taxonomies which you can import at will. You can also import an example Custom Field. Using the “Custom Fields” functionality of the Content Types submodule you can extend your listings however you like – text-fields, text-areas, check-boxes, radio buttons, drop-downs and more.

1.Add/edit/remove post types, taxonomies and custom fields.
2.Default theme with options for “Background” and “Colors”
3.Preconfigured Taxonomies and Custom Fields ( you can import at will )
4.Header banner advertising management
5.Cost of Service / Terms of Service management
6.PayPal Express payment gateway

1.Extract the plugin archive file.
2.Copy the “directory” folder inside “wp-content/plugins” directory
3.Go to your WP-ADMIN Plugins page and activate the plugin.

WordPress, WordPress MS ( 3.0.1 )

Version: 1.0.5
Initial release.

Release Notes:
This is the initial release of the "Directory" plugin. It is thoroughly tested in-house but not with real users, so you may expect some bugs under unusual circumstances. Please report all bugs in the current thread.