New Plugin Request: AffiliatePress

This is a request for a new plugin for creating an affiliate system, which would make use of Multisite.

This is the scenario:

You have a product or service that you want to get out there. You could use affiliate links, but it would be much better if you could offer your affiliates a website that they could use which would have all of the affiliate links built into it. You can offer them a selection of designs & colours to use, and they can add their own posts & pages to give their affiliate site some uniqueness, which Google will like.

If there was a plugin that could do this, then it would provide a great service. By running the affiliate system in this way, it would help the main site with its Google rankings, and you would be able to provide affiliates with a site which is all set up for them.

There could be the option of really going for it with a host of ready written posts & pages and ads throughout the site, or you could go for the more simple approach of just having ads built into the site with the affiliate code built in, and they could then use the site for their own blog.

This started out on another thread, but it was starting to hijack it. This is an opportunity for everybody else to chip in on whether they would want to see this as a plugin and, if so, what it is you would like to see included.