New Plugin Request: Auctions

I am looking for a powerful auction plugin that not only handles standard auctions and reverse auctions but also a Free Bid auction process that allows a user to post a request and then receive submissions from other users before choosing a winner.

Ideally, this plugin would work like MarketPress where, when used on a multi-site, the main site can claim a percentage of the auction price.

Most importantly, I am looking for a plugin that will allow the entire process to be handled from the front-end so the users never need to go to the Dashboard. See my site,, for an example of a front-end Auction interface.

I am guessing that, though there are other auction plugins out there, many loyal WPMU Dev members would prefer to get their plugins from you. Personally, I try to avoid users plugins from other sources because so much of my site is using WPMU Dev themes and plugins, I find it less likely that plugins will interfere if I get them all from you.

Is anyone else out there looking for an Action plugin from WPMU Dev? Any +1s for this idea?