New Plugin Request PAY PER POST (or pay per product in Market Press)

We need a plugin for pay per post , or in the case of Market Press, pay per item listing.

Patrick came up with an ingenious way to do this to some degree here:

but there are limits to functionality when done this way

In my research on this I did find a plug in off the site that does this as part of post from the front end plugin.. so I know it can be done..

See link here:

I am sure there are many uses for this plug in, for me the one that stands out is the ever elusive store like etsy that many of us are going for. A key ingredient of the being "like Etsy" is the business model of pay per listing.

I hope I have made that case for the need for this plug in. Other Members Please Chime in and let the staff know if this is something you are looking for as well.