New plugins and plugin updates?

When I go and visit the plugins page here at wpmu, I find there is no way of really knowing if there are any new plugins, or updates to older plugins.

Short of my building a toy site with all the wpmu plugins loaded and the update plugin checker activated, I have no way of knowing if a plugin has been updated, if there are new cool features added to it, or even worse… if there are new plugins available that I might be interested in.

I would suggest coming up with some way of modifying your website so that we, as customers, can more easily find out what is new here at wpmu.

Just a simple page showing the updates and new plugins available would be nice.

Or even a way of sorting the wpmu plugins on the site here by the changelog.

You have had the same plugins on the top of the plugins page since I joined. It gives the impression that nothing is happening.

I haven’t been here in months, and after 20 minutes or so, I couldn’t tell anyone what is new/changed here. Zero excitement on my part to even come back and visit because short of reading the entire forums for the past few months, I see no other way of keeping informed.

Hope you guys come up with a better way of letting us know on a simple page what is happening. Life is to busy to have to go into a blog and read all the articles and comments. I know you guys build some cool stuff, but unless you make it easy to find, I’ll never know it exists.

Hope the ‘rant’ helps spur on some ideas.