New Post created with Upfront – all "after-content" items missing


I just published a new post with Upfront yesterday and all of the “after-content” items like WPMU Hustle, Share Buttons, Related Posts Pro are missing after the content.

The strangest thing is that the previous post has all of those after-content items.

I tried turning the plugins on and off one by one, and every time they would disappear and reappear on all posts except the new one I created with Upfront yesterday.

Since the plugins seem to be working perfectly on all posts except for this post, my only conclusion is that there is something wrong with the post.

The post in question is here:

And please look at the previous post and you will see the 3 after-content items at the end of the content:

These 3 items are missing from the March 1st post and I can’t figure out why that is.

Since one of them is a WPMU plugin, you could view my question as: Why doesn’t my Hustle opt-in show up after my newest post, when it is after every single other post on my site?

Also, please don’t be confused by the opt-in in the footer. The footer works fine.

Actually since the footer opt-in seems to work fine, that means it really is about something specifically in the post itself that is stopping the after-content items from loading.

I can’t figure it out. All of my posts are the same and there is no reason one post should show the after-content items and the other shows nothing.

I have enabled support access.