New posts in subdirectory installs give 404 error on mapped domain

When I am logged in through the sub directory domain, and publish a post, then I get a 404-error when I view it on the mapped domain after it has been published.

When I log in to the mapped domain through, the post I just published is not even there!

It is like I have two identical sites operating independently of one another. Any idea what is going on here?

(For a while now I have been using 3.0.4 version of the Domain Mapping plugin. I just upgraded this to the latest version today. )

  • teggen
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    I logged into and published a post. I then logged out and logged into the mapped site and published another post.

    I then downloaded the database and did a search for the posts.Only the one post published on the subdirectory install came up!

    Online though, on the mapped site, the post not found in the database is still around. How on earth is this possible?

    This is the post that according to the database do not exist:

  • teggen
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    Update 2: I logged into cPanel and phpmyadmin, there I ran a search query with the title of the post published throgh the mapped domain in the database "information_schema". In the table "process list" I got a hit, so it seems to be lingering there somehow.

    I am truly lost, so if you guys can lend a hand that would be great.

  • teggen
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    OK. 6 hours and a whole lot of frustration later, I finally call my ISP to find out what the hell is going on. It turns out they have changed my static IP, but did not tell me. So in effect, I had two different installations since they kept my old data during a period of transistion.

    And thanks Pali for your input!

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