New 'Prohibited mappings' features not working


I just upgraded the domain mapping plugin from the (old) to the brand new version and tested the new promising 'prohibited mappings' features but the results are a bit disappointing :slight_frown:

So, here is how to reproduce the problem.

*** network domain mapping settings (where relevant)***

Verify domain's DNS settings: YES
Check domain propagation before mapping: YES
Prohibited mappings:

*** steps on subsite domain mapping admin tools***

- enter '' as mapped domain
- click on 'map domain' button
- appears in the list of domain(s) mapped with an - 'invalide' health status
- just click on 'invalide' to refresh the displayed health status
- then appears in the list of domain(s) mapped with a 'valide' health status voila

Is there something I misunderstood on the behaviour of this 'Prohibited mappings' features ?

Thanks for your advice.